The 2021 Subaru Forester in Mount Airy NC

Capability, Versatility, & Technology Shine in the 2021 Subaru Forester

The new Subaru Forester is an absolute road beast because of what it can do, both on and off the road. It is one of the most luxurious SUVs in its class, and in terms of performance, it is also one of the most outstanding cars. It has an excellent design that projects an air of confidence for those adventuresome road trips with family or friends. Indeed, the new Forester is a Subaru masterpiece, and we at Scenic Subaru are pleased to outline the features that make it an excellent car to drive, especially in places like Elkin and Westfield, NC.

Performance & Powertrain Options

In general, the new Subaru Forester is powered by the same powertrain that powers the old Subaru Forester models. The standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine delivers 182 horsepower. The engine is powered by an automatic transmission, and the car comes standard with all-wheel drive. The symmetrical all-wheel drive that comes in every new Subaru balances the delivery of power to the wheels that the system perceives are in need of more torque. Moreover, its handling is also superb because it has an excellent steering and suspension system.

Exterior Design & Features 

The exterior of this car makes a genuine statement because it symbolizes an adventuresome car, which is absolutely true. This vehicle has excellent rims that have an outstanding design, and its tires are also of excellent quality, making its exterior elegant. The car lights have also been well-positioned, and they also have a unique design giving this car an outstanding look. What's more, the side mirrors of this car are also unbelievable because their movement is exceptional, which ensures that the driver can turn them in any direction so that they get a clear view of the rear side of the car.

Safety Features 

Safety inside the Forester is undoubtedly excellent because this car has some amazing features, which help in preventing many accidents on the road. For starters, this car has a system that enables the driver to maintain an ideal distance behind other cars on the highway, which helps in preventing collisions. Moreover, the new Forester has a system that helps the driver to see what is on the blind-spot areas of the vehicle, and it helps them make a wise decision.

Interior Design & Features

The interior of this vehicle is very refreshing because of its spacing. Ideally, the distance between the seats is ample enough, which ensures that the people riding the car have adequate spacing for breathing, enhancing their comfort inside the vehicle. Furthermore, the materials used to create the interior of this car are of outstanding quality, which adds an excellent touch to the interior of this vehicle, and it also makes this car exceptionally comfortable.

The steering wheel and the seats of this car have a function used for heating or cooling them, depending on the weather conditions in North Wilkesboro. Furthermore, the driver's seat is slightly raised to ensure that the driver of the car has a clear view of the road. The Forester also has a storage compartment behind the backseats, and it is spacious enough to tow substantial cargo. However, if the driver has more cargo that requires storage, space can be increased by folding the seats in the back.

Technological Features 

This new Subaru Forester is equipped with the best technology in terms of its infotainment and connectivity. It has a Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, which is essential in keeping people inside the car connected to the internet. It has some powerful speakers and a touchscreen system that is easy to operate since it has a clear manual.

Test Drive a New Subaru Forester at Scenic Subaru

The new Subaru Forester is an impressive car that drivers in the Ararat area should look very closely at. Schedule a test drive with us today so that you enjoy a smooth Subaru Forester ride.

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