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Justin Gough
Dealer Principal


Sales Department

Keith Easter
Sales Director

Chris Amburn
General Sales Manager

Chris has been with Scenic Automotive for 3 years and has been with GM for 26 years. He loves that Scenic is a family owned dealership with great people and describes Scenic as "a great place to work". 

On his days off he enjoys spending time outdoors, with his favorite hobbies being watersports, boating, kayaking, and fishing. He is married to Suzie, who also works at Scenic, and they have a wonderful dog named Bear. His top highlights in life so far are earning his Business Degree in Finance and Economics and living on and managing the farm that his been in his family since 1850 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Landon Teague
Subaru Manager

Landon is the Subaru Sales Manager and has been with Scenic for 3 years and in automotives his whole life. He says that his favorite part of working at Scenic is getting to be around new and exciting cars all day. On his days off he likes to travel. One of the things on his "bucket list" is that he wants to drive on the autobahn. He says the best video game of all times is Gran Turismo. His top three life highlights so far are proposing to his wife in front of Buckingham Palace, getting to drive a Ferrari around Paris, and going to the colosseum in Rome. 

Mike Gunter
Sales Manager

Brad Duncan
Sales Consultant

Brad Duncan has been with Scenic since "day one". He says his favorite part about working for Scenic are the people that he works with. 

One of Brad's favorite topics of discussion is a good meal and his favorite place to eat is Texas Roadhouse.
He loves to watch basketball. 

Brad says his girls, Valerie, and his grandbaby Grace are his world! 

His top life highlights so far are his kids being born, his "sweet thang Valerie", and being able to keep his family happy and says there is nothing better than that!

Dwayne Venable
Sales Consultant

Dwayne has been with Scenic for over 2 years!  He says that what he likes the most about Scenic is how we represent the brand and cater to our wonderful customers. On his days off he enjoys gardening and being outdoors. He would love to spend more time traveling and hopes to do so in the future. He adores his family and believes that it is the most important thing in life. His top three highlights in life so far are traveling, running a farm, and the ability the car business has offered in meeting so many new and interesting people. 

Dustin Montgomery
Sales Consultant

Dustin has been with Scenic for over 3 years! Before Scenic he was a Youth Pastor. His favorite place to eat is Tlaquepaque in Mt. Airy. His favorite sport is MMA (mixed martial arts). He has been married to his beautiful wife for 8 years and together they have 6 kids and 2 dogs. His top three highlights in life so far include his relationship with Jesus, he and his wife's journey together, and singing with his brother Kirk and friend Kevin in a gospel group named Blood Bought. 

Sherry Stanley
Sales Consultant

Tim Hazelwood
Sales Consultant

Tim is a new employee with Scenic. The things he enjoys the most about Scenic are the staff, they years of experience, the management, and the wonderful customers. Tim has been a drummer for 27 years and traveled to multiple states to record and play. His favorite place to eat is Chop House in Pigeon Forge. He has been married to his wife Nicole for 15 years (she is the principal at White Plains). They have two boys, Liam and Stefan, and a 9 year old golden-doodle named Teddy. His top life highlights so far are spending 17 years in the automotive sales industry, being blessed with the perfect wife and two beautiful healthy boys, and being health and spending time with his friends and family. 

Sherman Blankenship
Sales Consultant

Sherman is local to Mount Airy and brings with him over 25 years in the automotive sales industry. He loves helping customers find their perfect match in a vehicle. On his days off he enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities.  Sherman was married in 1984 to his lovely wife Leah and has two daughters Jessica & Kayla. He has also been blessed with 3 grandchildren that he absolutely adores.

Shay Smith
Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant



Brooke Johnson
Director of Marketing & Customer Experience

Brooke is a new employee at Scenic Automotive. Prior to Scenic the most interesting/unique jobs that Brooke held were Medical Social Worker, Pawn Broker, and Meat Processor. Brooke is married to Deputy Jimmie Johnson with the Surry County Sheriff's office. Brooke and Jimmie have 3 children, Maddox, Phoebe, and Genevieve. They also have a dog Sebastian. In addition to their biological children, Brooke and Jimmie just got their license to be foster parents and look forward to welcoming more children into their home. On her days off Brooke enjoys spending time with her family and playing outside as well as baking for her bakery "Brooke's Sweet Treats".



Johnathan Barbour
BDC Director

Cavan Adair
BDC Manager



Martha Hall
Office Manager

Martha is the Office Manager and has been with Scenic since 2019. She loves working with the people and working for the Goughs. She loves basketball and plans to retire to the coast. She has three children and three grandchildren that live in Jamestown and Wilmington and one of her favorite things is to visit and FaceTime them as often as possible. Her top three highlights in life so far are having grandchildren, having good jobs, and having great friends. 

Haley Parsons

Debbie Southern

Casey Hull
Accounts Payable

Suzie Amburn

Suzie is our Cashier/Receptionist. Her favorite place to eat is Central Cafe Family Restaurant and she goes for the cheeseburger! Her favorite games are Uno and Scrabble and her favorite sport is NFL Football. Suzie is married to Chris Amburn (the sales director) and they have 2 sons, two daughter in laws, 3 grandkids, and a dog named Bear. Her top life highlights are having her children, watching them grow and get married and have kids of their own, marrying her sweetheart Chris (she says he is the best), and going to Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas for a Chevrolet Trip.


Service and Parts Department

Ben Lawson

Jeremy Johnson
Assistant Service Manager

Jeff Mabe
Asst. Service Manager

Eddie Childress
Parts Manager

David Mcmillian
Parts Assistant Manager

Mark Vogler
Commercial Service Writer

Chris Scott
Subaru Service Writer

Bill Rios
Service Writer

Brandon Hawks
Service Writer

Rodney King
Service Desk Coordinator


Finance Department

Mitch Mabe
Finance Manager

Jason Holdaway
Finance Manager