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Car Care is Great in Any Weather

With each change in temperature, it is a wise decision to give your Subaru weather-appropriate care. Ensuring your Subaru's mechanical longevity is always in season, and sound car care is much more than just repairing mechanical issues.

Preparing for temperature changes requires keen attention to fluid types, tire conditions, the air conditioning unit, and more. To this end, below are eight things you can check to make sure they are ready for changing temperatures:

  • 1) the AC unit for mold or bacteria
  • 2) change or rotate tires
  • 3) change the oil
  • 4) check the battery for corrosion
  • 5) inspect radiator hoses for any leaks
  • 6) inspect the wiper blades
  • 7) check fluid levels; and
  • 8) give your vehicle a good wash & wax, and clean the interior

Failing to service your vehicle when needed properly is never a good idea. Even windshield wipers need attention because dull, ineffective blades offer little help with visibility during heavy rains in the Elkin area. Specifically, tires must be appropriate for the temperatures. Decreased tire tread, balding areas, and uneven spots can be dangerous in the Westfield area. So, paying attention to car care details is a win-win safety measure.

We here at Scenic Subaru have great deals on tires, and taking a look at them is worth your time and attention. We can replace and align or rotate, whichever is appropriate. Our tire inspection also comes with a recommendation for the best path forward. So, if you have not had your car serviced lately, you can view a plethora of wallet-friendly specials on our website. The coupons give you great savings on services that keep your car or SUV in good mechanical condition year-round. Whether you own a Crosstrek, Outback, Impreza, WRX, Forester, Ascent, or something else, our highly experienced, ASE-certified technicians can handle any problem your vehicle has in the Ararat area. They take care of your car's details with superior workmanship so you can pay attention to the details on the roads of Southwest Virginia.

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