While buying a new Nissan might be challenging to many interested buyers, a used Nissan is easily affordable, allowing you to enjoy similar features at a lower price. At Scenic Subaru, we have great deals on various used Nissan models, including Nissan Rogue, Nissan Altima, Nissan Sentra, and Nissan Maxima.

Less Depreciation

Aside from attracting high prices, brand-new Nissans also attract a high depreciation rate when they step out of the showroom. Used Nissans, on the other hand, have already undergone depreciation; therefore, their prices do not change over time. Therefore, you will enjoy great value for your spent money, and it will be even easier to trade in or sell off your car in the future around Mount Airy, NC.


As a brand, Nissan is renowned for manufacturing high-quality vehicles with a high durability and reliability index. With a used Nissan model, you, therefore, do not have to worry about constant breakdowns and regular visits to your mechanic. Our team of expert technicians thoroughly service all of our Nissan models, thus saving you money as well as assuring you of a stress-free drive across Mount Airy, NC.


Used Nissan models are packed with various features to make your ownership and daily drive enjoyable. There are ample interior technology features and many safety systems. Nissan has equipped its vehicles with top-notch technology such as blind-spot monitoring in some models and collision warning sensors.

As a result, you are assured of your safety and that of your occupants in case of an accident. Additionally, Nissan embraces technology in improving your comfort through dual-zone climate control features, heated seats and steering, and navigation and infotainment systems.

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If you are searching for a reliable, classy, and affordable used car, please consider purchasing a Used Nissan model from us. To enjoy our price-competitive offers, visit our showroom in Mount Airy, NC, and browse through our vast line-up of used models.

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