Subaru produces some top sedans and SUVS, which is why so many customers come to Scenic Subaru in Mount Airy looking to buy. We want to remind current Subaru owners that our dealership also offers many different routine care and maintenance services. If you want to keep your car running efficiently and safer, caring for it may help the cause. Read on to learn more!

Oil and Filter Changes

Changing a Subaru's motor oil and oil filter helps a car, truck, or SUV reduce engine part friction and improve performance in several ways around Elkin. An oil change also affords a technician a chance to recommend a specific viscosity or type of all. Oil changes could be a good time to request other services, as well.

Tire Rotations and Inspections

Tire treads wear down, and a "penny check" helps drivers determine how much. Penny checks have limitations, so it becomes necessary for a trained technician near Westfield, NC, to look at the treads, along with the sidewalls. Other problems besides low treads may be present. A complete inspection might uncover problems.

Regular tire rotations could reduce tread wear. Getting the tires rotated every six months is typically recommended.

Brake Inspections

After taking the tires off for a rotation near North Wilkesboro, the technicians could look at the entire brake system to check for safety problems. Of course, a driver may request a brake inspection at any time. Doing so seems wise when the brakes exhibit any performance troubles.

Hoses, Lines, and Belts

Wear and tear effects hoses, lines, and belts, so a technician needs to check them. Why not get the work done when bringing the vehicle in for an oil change near Ararat?

Other Services at Scenic Subaru

Our dealership in Southwest Virginia could perform windshield wiper blade replacements, fluid checks, wheel alignments, and more. Schedule an appointment for any Subaru service at your earliest convenience and save big with our specials. We look forward to working with you soon!

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